So I know this isn’t quite how it happens…

I had my first dream about the delivery and boy did it seem real.

I’m in bed and I feel R moving around so I place my hands at my pelvis and there’s a bulge on either side. I touch it and realize it’s tiny feet. I start crying because at that point I had only felt kicks, I hadn’t actually been able to distinguish body parts. Overjoyed, I continued to tickle R’s feet from the outside.

Suddenly, there was pressure. R was was pushing down. And then there was a pop and a gush of liquid (my water breaking, I assume). A few minutes passed but the pressure didn’t ease up. I put my hands between my legs and discovered my child’s head and neck. I was giving birth and didn’t know it! In a state of panic, I pulled R out the rest of the way. After wrapping R in a blanket, I called 911.

The delivery was definitely preterm but R was okay and beautiful of course. I even got a smile.

While this dream should freak me out, it doesn’t. I confess to watching Keeping Up with the Kardashians last night: Kim gave birth to premie North. All of my anxiety and this episode must have caught up with me.


2 thoughts on “So I know this isn’t quite how it happens…

  1. As far as dream interpretation goes, I would say this dream is tellng you that you are ready for this new adventure. It might be a little scary, but you got this. And, you can do this even though you are by yourself a lot. Very good dream.

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