26 weeks.

This has been a rather uneventful week in my pregnancy, but sometimes they say no news is good news. 

I have two OB appointments coming up, one tomorrow for my glucose screening and a regular visit on 11/15.

My baby shower is this weekend. I know, it’s kind of early for a shower but my time off is limited and Thanksgiving and Christmas are in between now and R’s birth. There is just too much going on later. Veteran’s Day & a flex holiday allowed me to have a four day weekend so I am driving home to Louisville and celebrating R’s impending entrance with those I love. The theme is nautical – to match the nursery – and I cannot wait to see how everything is going to come together! I may have helped with a few of the decorations (I can use the stuff in the nursery after all!)… 🙂 

The anxiety is starting to pick up. I feel like there is so much that I have to do but not enough time. And not all of it is baby related. In addition to painting the nursery and setting it up (which I can’t do until after the shower and when Edwin gets home at the end of November), we have a home inspection that requires professional carpet cleaning and chimney sweeping (WHO requires this upon lease renewal???) AND I just discovered that we have yellow jackets coming into the house. SERIOUSLY? Tack on a full-time job and being temporarily alone and the stress level skyrockets. Insert cranky emoji here.

Switching to something more positive, I’m in love with the feeling of R’s movement. The kicks are stronger but all over the place – for two days I felt like I was being kicked in the bladder and other places and then a day or two later the kicks were above my belly button. Yesterday I felt them along my ribs and today there has been rolling movement along my right side. It amazes me how much exploring this baby does. 

The Braxton Hicks are still occurring but without pattern and typically go away with movement and water. My leg cramps came back last night but I noticed that when I get them, I’m not sleeping on my side with the pillow between my legs. I’m also still on an emotional roller coaster – those of you without kids: you thought your emotions were crazy during your period?! Just wait. I haven’t been angry, though, just weepy.

My must-have this week has been the deliciousness that is grape juice. Root beer isn’t completely out but chocolate made a quick arrival and departure; it was Halloween, guys, and after one day of Reese’s cup binging I was over that craving.

Here’s a quick pic this week of my Halloween costume: 



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