My Child’s Father


This post is severely disjointed but is more of a post for me to get my thoughts and feelings out.

This man is more than I ever dreamed for myself.

It wasn’t love at first sight. Sure, I was attracted to him but I was recently single and having fun. He seemed too nice, too shy. He asked me on a second date (which he refers to as our first date) and I agreed. He wasn’t as shy but was nice as ever. Give the nice guy a chance for once; they don’t all have to be edgy. We drank beers and he coerced me into playing pool. I hate pool. We talked. I talked. A lot. Apparently I told him a lot about myself that night and none of it scared him away. He won me over that night. It took exactly two dates. I figured, what the hell do I have to lose? He left for Virginia the next morning but texted me non-stop and within a month, we became exclusive. You can’t always choose when love happens to you.

The way he looks at me hasn’t changed since day one. He still holds my hand in public. He isn’t afraid of PDA. He makes me laugh and he still laughs at me and teases me. He tells me everyday how much I mean to him. He is open and honest with me without me having to pry. He doesn’t get upset with me when I tell him what bothers me. I can cry to him and he doesn’t get annoyed. He doesn’t take anything I say personally. We communicate and move forward. He can talk to women who are his friends or even his exes and I do not have a problem because I trust him. I encourage him to attend motorcycle events, even if they are in night clubs, because I trust him. It is such an amazing feeling to be with someone and not have to worry. He takes my fears and insecurities away and betters me as a woman. I know he will do the same as we become parents.

He comes from a wonderful family who did an amazing job in turning him into a man. He’s an exemplary husband and my best friend. He will be an amazing father. I have no doubts about his capabilities and I know that as soon as I see our baby in his arms, I will fall in love with him a million times over.


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