31 weeks


It was a long week.

Tuesday was my OB appointment. I asked about the Braxton Hicks because I had them all day Monday. She said “drink more water.” So I’ve been drinking about 3-4 22oz water bottles full of water each day and they are still there. And I’m peeing about 72 times a day. In terms of vitals, the BP was back down to 99/64 and my weight gain was an additional 4 lbs so I’m now a total of 6 lbs over my pre-pregnancy weight. My calcium levels were good and Roman’s heart rate was 150. She confirmed that he was head down and that I am still measuring further along than I am. As I’ve mentioned before, they are using the date of my LMP for determining my due date instead of the date from the ultrasound. Using their calculations placed me at 29 weeks (the ultrasound date had me at 30 weeks) as of Tuesday’s appointment but I was measuring at 31 weeks. Her response, “that’s great!” My reaction? “Lord, how big is that boy?!”

Wednesday was my dentist appointment – I had two fillings. Not as painful as I had imagined it would be.

Edwin and I were supposed to attend a breast feeding course on Thursday. I didn’t plan it too well because it was in a popular part of the area at 6:30. Traffic was terrible and on the way I had a nervous breakdown while driving that was the result of the traffic and having spent the two hours before leaving work in a “debriefing” session at work that was emotionally draining. I couldn’t stop crying. Though I made it on time, he was a tad late and by the time he arrived, my eyes were bloodshot, my cheeks tear stained, and I hadn’t eaten since 1. I made the decision to skip the class. I was disappointed that I had to miss it but we’ve found another class to attend instead.

The weekend has been very nice & relaxing – a much needed escape from the everyday life. In addition to lunch and dinner dates and a movie, my husband and I managed to clean the entire house and begin putting Roman’s things together. I even decorated parts of the nursery. I ordered the rocking chair today and it will come sometime before 12/19 so other than a changing table or dresser, we pretty much have everything for the nursery. I will probably buy a bookcase, though, for toys and books. I do need to finish the curtains and get them hung and we were planning to paint the nursery with a fresh coat of paint because there are some places where the wall was patched but neither of us really have the energy to do it right now so I think we are going to skip that. Besides, we really aren’t trying to impress anyone and Roman isn’t going to know that his walls weren’t painted. I’m already a terrible mother, huh? 😉 We also put the carseat in the truck… and it’s kind of a problem. It fits, but the front seat has to be pushed ALL THE WAY up which leaves me in an uncomfortable position. So I have a feeling if we need to go somewhere as a family, I’ll be 1) sucking it up, 2) sitting in the back, or 3) driving while Edwin follows on his bike.

The homemade banner and artwork

The homemade banner and artwork

I put his ultrasound pictures in each frame. :)

I put his ultrasound pictures in each frame. 🙂


This is in our room and will be Roman's bed for the first few weeks. The napper on the right flips into a changing station.

This is in our room and will be Roman’s bed for the first few weeks. The napper on the right flips into a changing station.

I can no longer see my belly!

I can no longer see my feet!


My age: 26

How far along: 31 weeks

How big is baby: 3 1/3 pounds, 18 inches long

What have you been up to: going to the bathroom every 2-3 hours every. single. night. please. kill. me.

Exercise/Activity Level: I’m below the charts. Seriously. The interrupted sleep and the fact that I feel like I’m carrying a bowling ball around at all times leaves me with no energy.

Stretch marks: Nope.

Belly Button: It’s starting to pop out a bit.

Sleep: I wish.

Newest baby milestones this week: He can turn his head side to side

Best Moment of the Week: getting the crib and pack n play put together.

Worst Moment of the Week: Thursday’s meltdown.

Food cravings: back to root beer

Food aversions: none

Symptoms: leg cramps (now in the right leg), inability to sleep through the night, constantly full bladder, constant thirst, lower back pain, waddling, braxton hicks

Movement: This little boy… my my. He’s been doing bicycle kicks nearly every night. Edwin finally felt it and finds it to be hilarious. He’ll rest his hand on the top of my stomach and Roman will start kicking like crazy. It feels like my stomach is shaking up and down. And then the boy stretches all the time. I’m convinced he is sideways or has more than four limbs.

Gender: Boy

What I’m looking forward to:  not too much this week.

What I’m nervous about/praying for: The changes that come with parenthood… the lack of dates… the inconvenience of going places.

What I miss: Sleeping in.

Next appointment: a week from Tuesday.






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