35 & 36 weeks!





First, HAPPY NEW YEAR! It’s been two weeks since I have updated but in my defense, a LOT has happened. So expect this to be a long post!

My appointment @ 34 weeks was okay (Dec 31). I had the last appointment of the day so it took forever.

The nurse bugged me because she basically made me take my ring off right there but wouldn’t tell me if the swelling in my hands was just slight or indicative of something more. And then I couldn’t get the Tdap vaccine because I have had some congestion in the past two weeks. And my slight period like cramping can be fixed with “more water.”

My ring is now worn around my neck.

My ring is now worn around my neck.

My blood pressure was 99/65 so I felt better about the swelling (which really is slight) but I gained 5 lbs instead of the recommended 2lbs. The tech looked at me and said with hand gestures and a frown, “That’s five pounds in 2 weeks.” Of course I cried as soon as I got back to Edwin. I’ve been doing so damn good. This is the first time I’ve gained more than I “should.” In fact, as of this appointment, I’m only 12 pounds over my pre-pregnancy weight, so I’m right at 22 pounds total.

The rest of the appointment was the same as usual – my OB measured me and recommended I get splints for the carpal tunnel syndrome I have in both wrists. 😦


Thursday night of that week I was watching my husband’s Sooners crush Alabama in the Sugar Bowl when a commercial came on and I noticed that the guy speaking had a funny face. I told my husband, “His face is odd, I can’t see his left eye. It keeps coming and going.” I thought maybe it was just the angle of his face or our TV but then I couldn’t see another man’s left eye. I looked at my husband and sure enough, part of his face would disappear. I then opened my iPad and started looking at words on it and then half of the letters (always on the right side) would disappear from the page. For example: the word “blood” turned into “blo.” The o & d disappeared – it didn’t go black or fuzzy, it just looked like it never existed. Rightfully so, I was frustrated and concerned. I knew that vision changes should be reported because it could be a warning sign for preeclampsia. I picked up my phone and called my OB’s office. The on-call doctor didn’t seem concerned or think that it was pregnancy related. Relieved, I decided to stretch out on the couch and rest, as my second guess was that it was probably an aura related to migraines. Upon waking up, I did in fact have a small migraine so I wrote off the disturbance as an aura and took some meds for my head.

The next morning, I headed into work and at 10 am, my OB’s office called me. The nurse mentioned that my doctor had seen that I called last night and wanted to know what happened. I relayed the info to the nurse and informed her that while I wasn’t having the holes anymore, I had a slight headache and blurry vision. She relayed this information to my OB who then recommended that I get evaluated at the hospital for preeclampsia/high blood pressure. Within an hour, I was in an ugly gown hooked up to monitors.

He thinks he is so funny. :)

He thinks he is so funny. 🙂

a break in the contractions...

a break in the contractions…

Edwin and I sat there for about 2 hours watching Roman’s heartbeat and the monitor every time I had a Braxton Hicks contraction (frequently – 6 or so within the first hour). The nurse came in and said, “You are having contractions so we are going to check your cervix.” I said, “I know. Aren’t they just Braxton Hicks?” “Probably if you aren’t feeling them,” she replied. “Oh I’m feeling them. Every time I look over when I’m having one, it’s reading 26 or so,” I told her. So she checked my cervix (holy crap that was INCREDIBLY painful – damn you A Baby Story for making it seem so easy peasy) and to my surprise, I was 1/2 cm. Of course, this isn’t much but the fact that I still had 5-6 weeks to go and had already begun to dilate and was having contractions that caught their attention surprised the hell out of me! I’m sure Roman will be super late, and I know that it can take weeks to dilate fully, but some women go from 1-10 quickly. Needless to say, it had my brain racing and put his impending birth on the front burner. Okay, so it’s never been on the back burner but I guess I went from medium to high and the water is starting to boil. 5 weeks is nothing!

Anyway, the rest of the hospital visit was incredibly long. My blood pressure was fine and the lab work came back great – liver functions were wonderful and no protein in the urine. They sent me to the ER where I grew incredibly cranky quickly. The same questions were asked and answered repeatedly and both the physician’s assistant and the physician seemed to confirm what I already knew: auras before migraines. Even so, the doctor wanted to check the pressure in my eyes. I groaned to my husband about refusing the procedure so he grabbed the nurse. I told him, and later the assistant, that I don’t think it’s necessary to do a procedure when I’m not having any complications and the ones I did have were short lived. Plus they all said the same thing about it being migraine related. And to top it off, I highly doubt tricare would pay for it and today’s visit alone was probably going to cost me. The assistant didn’t seem pleased but he couldn’t make me stay and about 30 min later I was discharged. I was kind of bitchy but seriously, I had been in the hospital for 6 hours, hadn’t eaten in 8 hours and they were taking their time doing nothing.

That Saturday, the 4th, we had our childbirth/lamaze class. My husband was incredibly supportive! When we did the breathing exercises, he did them with me and coached me. I’m feeling pretty confident that he will be super supportive when Roman decides to come. The class also showed us videos about the entire labor process beginning with laboring at home and ending with the stay in the hospital. We were able to figure out what we wanted in our birth plan, like yes to waiting as long as possible before induction and yes to an epidural but requesting that it be lowered prior to pushing so that I can feel an urge to push.

Later that evening, Edwin started to feel a little crummy – 100 degree temperature and very clammy. I made him take tylenol and hold a cold washcloth to his head. I asked if he’d like to forgo the hockey game we had tickets to but he said no and within 30 minutes his temperature was normal and he was feeling better. On the way to the game I remember saying, “I can’t get sick.”

The next day I was sick. SERIOUSLY? To make matters worse, I had to go into work to make up the hours I missed on Friday from the hospital visit. And then everything went down hill. I was coughing, had chills, and basically felt like I had bronchitis. Monday I felt even worse and Tuesday I finally headed into Patient First. The doctor confirmed that I had an upper respiratory infection/bronchitis and told me to contact my OB for treatment because he didn’t want to give me something she wouldn’t consider safe. As soon as I got home I phoned the office and got the same on call doctor from Thursday night. He basically told me to take tylenol and spend Wednesday looking for a primary care manager (despite the fact that the doctor I saw that night WAS a PCM). I hung up crying from frustration.

I took Wednesday off work and headed to the naval hospital with my husband to see if I could get a PCM with a Navy doctor. As it turns out, I can’t. I have to see a civilian doctor because of the type of Tricare I have. I felt absolutely defeated. My OB won’t treat me because it’s not pregnancy related and the PCM wouldn’t treat me because I am pregnant and he didn’t want there to be a liability issue. The next day (Thursday), my OB recommended a PCM that accepts Tricare but it would be three weeks before I could be seen. My only option was an ER visit which means a trip to L&D first. I decided to take my chances and weather the storm. As of today (1/14), I am much better. I just have a lingering cough and some congestion.

I worked Thursday of last week through Monday of this week without any time off. Friday and Saturday were miserable, as we just began construction at my job and the dust just exacerbated my cold and allergies. I was crying through work because I couldn’t get any relief. Benadryl did nothing but put me to sleep. Sunday and Monday were better though.

Today (TUESDAY) was my 36 week (or 35 weeks, 5 days) appointment and I’m happy to say that I only gained 1 lb in the two weeks since that awful last visit which brings me to 23 lbs gained or a total of 13 lbs over my pre-pregnancy weight. My doctor said my weight gain was good so I felt pretty fantastic. I’m now on iron tablets twice a day for the rest of the pregnancy as my iron was a little low. Vitals were good for Roman and me. His heart rate was 146. They did surprise me with the 36 week labs/cultures. I asked at the last visit if they would be this week and was told no. I was also told upon checking in that I would only be here for a visit but as soon as I met with the nurse she informed me that I’d be having the exam. Yay… not. A girl needs to mentally prepare for these things! The most exciting part of the visit, though, was finding out that I am 1 cm dilated now and that I am measure at 37 weeks. For this reason, my OB moved my ultrasound up a week so I will be seeing the little guy next Wednesday! She said that the measurement wasn’t far off but the look of surprise on her face was enough indication that she would like to know how big he is. Me, too, lady. Me, too.

We also had a visit with a pediatrician today and I think we have chosen his doctor! I found a small practice (two doctors) that accepts our insurance, is close to home and work, has evening and weekend hours, and allows (and doesn’t discourage) after hour calls to the doctor on call. She made us feel very welcome and comfortable and assured us that her and her colleague would get to know us very well. The practice is also very supportive of breastfeeding and has several lactation consultants they refer patients to. We both left the office VERY satisfied with her demeanor and the professionalism but realism the practice offered.

So that pretty much sums up the two weeks. I’m now less than 4 weeks from Roman’s due date and getting extremely excited! More photos? Sure.


The bump looking down.

This is how I slept for about a week due to my upper respiratory infection and backaches.

This is how I slept for about a week due to my upper respiratory infection and backaches.

Roman got some teethers and toys.

Roman got some teethers and toys.

a cute 3 month outfit. :)

a cute 3 month outfit. 🙂

Another bump shot. 36 weeks.

Another bump shot. 36 weeks.

a RAR (his initials) sleeper... get it... it's a dinosaur... RAWR.... heh. heh.

a RAR (his initials) sleeper… get it… it’s a dinosaur… RAWR…. heh. heh.

2nd RAR sleeper.

2nd RAR sleeper.


My age: 26

How far along: 36 weeks, 1 day

How big is baby: around 6.5 pounds!

What have you been up to: coughing, sleeping, packing hospital bags

Exercise/Activity Level: a slight gain in energy post sickness

Stretch marks: Nope.

Belly Button: out

Sleep: after one night of benadryl and sleeping like a baby, I’m sleeping pretty regular now.

Newest baby milestones this week: he’s getting fat. 😉

Best Moment of the Week: catching up on sleep!

Worst Moment of the Week: Oh lord… read above.

Food cravings: apple juice. I’ve had so much of it.

Food aversions: not too many.

Symptoms: carpal tunnel syndrome, vomiting (about 3-4 times in the past two weeks), headaches, back pain, braxton hicks, frequent urination. He’s head down and boy has the pressure picked up down there. I am constantly in the bathroom and when I walk, sometimes I have to stop because it feels like he’s going to fall out. Did I mention that very few people think I will make it to my due date?

Movement: tons. He’s picked up with his stretching. All day long his feet are jutting out.

Gender: Boy

What I’m looking forward to:  Sleeping on my belly, eating Jimmy Johns… and being at home with my boys.

What I’m nervous about/praying for: That all goes well.

Next appointment: Next Wednesday!







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