38 week check up / thoughts on my mind

Pictures in the next post.

I finally had my ultrasound and OB visit on Tuesday.

It was mostly good. We were able to see our little chunk who is estimated at 7 lbs 7 oz with still two weeks of growing to do. He looks like he has plump lips and cheeks and he has a big head. 🙂 ❤ The amniotic fluid and other measurements are great.

The bad is that I’m really starting to dislike my OB. She acts like I’ve been pregnant before and should know things. And then she doesn’t even listen to my descriptions of my symptoms. For example: when I called her last Saturday, I described my contractions as back pain and contractions in the top of my uterus and coming regularly every couple of minutes. She told me to go to the hospital. Then, when I had my appointment, she said I should only go to the hospital if I feel the contractions at the top of my uterus and they are five minutes apart. I had to bite my tongue. 😦

Each day I’m more and more ready to have him. The pregnancy has really started to take a toll on me physically and mentally. And though I’ll miss the attention and the special connection with him inside of me, here’s a few things I am ready for:

1. Being able to get out of bed or off the couch without having to struggle. You should see this lift and roll move I have perfected.

2. Waking up to Roman crying instead of waking up to a full bladder.

3. Sleeping on my back and stomach.

4. Packing away the pregnancy pillow. I’d LOVE to be able to snuggle next to my husband again instead of having a wall of pillows between us.

5. My hormones settling down. I’ve become increasingly irritable the past few weeks. The lack of sleep to come probably won’t help, though.

6. Putting away the pregnancy jeans. My stomach is so big now that the elastic band irritates my belly so much.

7. My stomach to stop itching! Oh my goodness, I’m lathering lotion on it left and right.

8. The guesses on his delivery to stop. I feel like each time someone says “he’s on his way” or “any day now,” they are adding extra time to my pregnancy. It could be any day. Or it could be 3 weeks. Ugh.

So yea, I’ve reached the point in my pregnancy where I’m over it. I’m the most impatient person and I hate waiting games. We have our 39 week check up tomorrow and I’m hoping for some progress. There have been some visual signs (such as spotting and other TMI symptoms) that indicate that he’s coming but I know it’s going to suck when she says I’m still 1 cm… & when she comments on my weight gain, again. Lol.


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