Baby boy is nearly seven and a half months already! Time really flies by when you are a parent. I don’t remember where I left off the last time I posted but here is an update on Roman.

Allergy: Still has his milk protein allergy. A few weeks ago we gave him a few bites of baked apples that had butter in them and there was a small GI reaction. Additionally, he is allergic to soy. Recent research indicates that he could have it until kindergarten. I plan to speak to an allergist in Texas to see if there is a test we can do to see if he is likely to outgrow it. It is already difficult to make food for him that is absent of milk and soy, I cannot imagine how hard it will be one he is completely weaned from his bottle.

Food: we are starting finger foods. We have successfully explored the world of pureed solids and now Roman is very interested in what we eat but we can’t just give him what we eat (see above).

Movement: Roman began crawling at five months! One day he just figured it out and he hasn’t stopped yet! He seems so much older now that he’s mobile. He is also a pro at pulling up and cruising along furniture. And just the other day, as I picked him up from day care, he was standing and pushing chairs around the kitchen. Walking is right around the corner.

Teeth: we had a terrible time around five months where Roman was tugging his ear and screaming. I thought it was an ear infection but the doctor said his ears were perfect and that it was a bad case of teething. This lasted a week or two but nothing popped up. Fast forward to this past Thursday and we suddenly have a small white bump! No irritability or lack of appetite, which is strange.

Our little man is just getting so big. He is now in 9 month clothing and can fit in some 12 month items. At his six month appointment he was in the 55th percentile for weight, 75th for height, and 85th for head size. At the time, he weighed just under 19 pounds so I’m sure he’s at 20 now. Either way, I could no longer carry him in the infant car seat and the straps were too tight on him so we have moved him to a convertible car seat.