35 & 36 weeks!





First, HAPPY NEW YEAR! It’s been two weeks since I have updated but in my defense, a LOT has happened. So expect this to be a long post!

My appointment @ 34 weeks was okay (Dec 31). I had the last appointment of the day so it took forever.

The nurse bugged me because she basically made me take my ring off right there but wouldn’t tell me if the swelling in my hands was just slight or indicative of something more. And then I couldn’t get the Tdap vaccine because I have had some congestion in the past two weeks. And my slight period like cramping can be fixed with “more water.”

My ring is now worn around my neck.

My ring is now worn around my neck.

My blood pressure was 99/65 so I felt better about the swelling (which really is slight) but I gained 5 lbs instead of the recommended 2lbs. The tech looked at me and said with hand gestures and a frown, “That’s five pounds in 2 weeks.” Of course I cried as soon as I got back to Edwin. I’ve been doing so damn good. This is the first time I’ve gained more than I “should.” In fact, as of this appointment, I’m only 12 pounds over my pre-pregnancy weight, so I’m right at 22 pounds total.

The rest of the appointment was the same as usual – my OB measured me and recommended I get splints for the carpal tunnel syndrome I have in both wrists. 😦


Thursday night of that week I was watching my husband’s Sooners crush Alabama in the Sugar Bowl when a commercial came on and I noticed that the guy speaking had a funny face. I told my husband, “His face is odd, I can’t see his left eye. It keeps coming and going.” I thought maybe it was just the angle of his face or our TV but then I couldn’t see another man’s left eye. I looked at my husband and sure enough, part of his face would disappear. I then opened my iPad and started looking at words on it and then half of the letters (always on the right side) would disappear from the page. For example: the word “blood” turned into “blo.” The o & d disappeared – it didn’t go black or fuzzy, it just looked like it never existed. Rightfully so, I was frustrated and concerned. I knew that vision changes should be reported because it could be a warning sign for preeclampsia. I picked up my phone and called my OB’s office. The on-call doctor didn’t seem concerned or think that it was pregnancy related. Relieved, I decided to stretch out on the couch and rest, as my second guess was that it was probably an aura related to migraines. Upon waking up, I did in fact have a small migraine so I wrote off the disturbance as an aura and took some meds for my head.

The next morning, I headed into work and at 10 am, my OB’s office called me. The nurse mentioned that my doctor had seen that I called last night and wanted to know what happened. I relayed the info to the nurse and informed her that while I wasn’t having the holes anymore, I had a slight headache and blurry vision. She relayed this information to my OB who then recommended that I get evaluated at the hospital for preeclampsia/high blood pressure. Within an hour, I was in an ugly gown hooked up to monitors.

He thinks he is so funny. :)

He thinks he is so funny. 🙂

a break in the contractions...

a break in the contractions…

Edwin and I sat there for about 2 hours watching Roman’s heartbeat and the monitor every time I had a Braxton Hicks contraction (frequently – 6 or so within the first hour). The nurse came in and said, “You are having contractions so we are going to check your cervix.” I said, “I know. Aren’t they just Braxton Hicks?” “Probably if you aren’t feeling them,” she replied. “Oh I’m feeling them. Every time I look over when I’m having one, it’s reading 26 or so,” I told her. So she checked my cervix (holy crap that was INCREDIBLY painful – damn you A Baby Story for making it seem so easy peasy) and to my surprise, I was 1/2 cm. Of course, this isn’t much but the fact that I still had 5-6 weeks to go and had already begun to dilate and was having contractions that caught their attention surprised the hell out of me! I’m sure Roman will be super late, and I know that it can take weeks to dilate fully, but some women go from 1-10 quickly. Needless to say, it had my brain racing and put his impending birth on the front burner. Okay, so it’s never been on the back burner but I guess I went from medium to high and the water is starting to boil. 5 weeks is nothing!

Anyway, the rest of the hospital visit was incredibly long. My blood pressure was fine and the lab work came back great – liver functions were wonderful and no protein in the urine. They sent me to the ER where I grew incredibly cranky quickly. The same questions were asked and answered repeatedly and both the physician’s assistant and the physician seemed to confirm what I already knew: auras before migraines. Even so, the doctor wanted to check the pressure in my eyes. I groaned to my husband about refusing the procedure so he grabbed the nurse. I told him, and later the assistant, that I don’t think it’s necessary to do a procedure when I’m not having any complications and the ones I did have were short lived. Plus they all said the same thing about it being migraine related. And to top it off, I highly doubt tricare would pay for it and today’s visit alone was probably going to cost me. The assistant didn’t seem pleased but he couldn’t make me stay and about 30 min later I was discharged. I was kind of bitchy but seriously, I had been in the hospital for 6 hours, hadn’t eaten in 8 hours and they were taking their time doing nothing.

That Saturday, the 4th, we had our childbirth/lamaze class. My husband was incredibly supportive! When we did the breathing exercises, he did them with me and coached me. I’m feeling pretty confident that he will be super supportive when Roman decides to come. The class also showed us videos about the entire labor process beginning with laboring at home and ending with the stay in the hospital. We were able to figure out what we wanted in our birth plan, like yes to waiting as long as possible before induction and yes to an epidural but requesting that it be lowered prior to pushing so that I can feel an urge to push.

Later that evening, Edwin started to feel a little crummy – 100 degree temperature and very clammy. I made him take tylenol and hold a cold washcloth to his head. I asked if he’d like to forgo the hockey game we had tickets to but he said no and within 30 minutes his temperature was normal and he was feeling better. On the way to the game I remember saying, “I can’t get sick.”

The next day I was sick. SERIOUSLY? To make matters worse, I had to go into work to make up the hours I missed on Friday from the hospital visit. And then everything went down hill. I was coughing, had chills, and basically felt like I had bronchitis. Monday I felt even worse and Tuesday I finally headed into Patient First. The doctor confirmed that I had an upper respiratory infection/bronchitis and told me to contact my OB for treatment because he didn’t want to give me something she wouldn’t consider safe. As soon as I got home I phoned the office and got the same on call doctor from Thursday night. He basically told me to take tylenol and spend Wednesday looking for a primary care manager (despite the fact that the doctor I saw that night WAS a PCM). I hung up crying from frustration.

I took Wednesday off work and headed to the naval hospital with my husband to see if I could get a PCM with a Navy doctor. As it turns out, I can’t. I have to see a civilian doctor because of the type of Tricare I have. I felt absolutely defeated. My OB won’t treat me because it’s not pregnancy related and the PCM wouldn’t treat me because I am pregnant and he didn’t want there to be a liability issue. The next day (Thursday), my OB recommended a PCM that accepts Tricare but it would be three weeks before I could be seen. My only option was an ER visit which means a trip to L&D first. I decided to take my chances and weather the storm. As of today (1/14), I am much better. I just have a lingering cough and some congestion.

I worked Thursday of last week through Monday of this week without any time off. Friday and Saturday were miserable, as we just began construction at my job and the dust just exacerbated my cold and allergies. I was crying through work because I couldn’t get any relief. Benadryl did nothing but put me to sleep. Sunday and Monday were better though.

Today (TUESDAY) was my 36 week (or 35 weeks, 5 days) appointment and I’m happy to say that I only gained 1 lb in the two weeks since that awful last visit which brings me to 23 lbs gained or a total of 13 lbs over my pre-pregnancy weight. My doctor said my weight gain was good so I felt pretty fantastic. I’m now on iron tablets twice a day for the rest of the pregnancy as my iron was a little low. Vitals were good for Roman and me. His heart rate was 146. They did surprise me with the 36 week labs/cultures. I asked at the last visit if they would be this week and was told no. I was also told upon checking in that I would only be here for a visit but as soon as I met with the nurse she informed me that I’d be having the exam. Yay… not. A girl needs to mentally prepare for these things! The most exciting part of the visit, though, was finding out that I am 1 cm dilated now and that I am measure at 37 weeks. For this reason, my OB moved my ultrasound up a week so I will be seeing the little guy next Wednesday! She said that the measurement wasn’t far off but the look of surprise on her face was enough indication that she would like to know how big he is. Me, too, lady. Me, too.

We also had a visit with a pediatrician today and I think we have chosen his doctor! I found a small practice (two doctors) that accepts our insurance, is close to home and work, has evening and weekend hours, and allows (and doesn’t discourage) after hour calls to the doctor on call. She made us feel very welcome and comfortable and assured us that her and her colleague would get to know us very well. The practice is also very supportive of breastfeeding and has several lactation consultants they refer patients to. We both left the office VERY satisfied with her demeanor and the professionalism but realism the practice offered.

So that pretty much sums up the two weeks. I’m now less than 4 weeks from Roman’s due date and getting extremely excited! More photos? Sure.


The bump looking down.

This is how I slept for about a week due to my upper respiratory infection and backaches.

This is how I slept for about a week due to my upper respiratory infection and backaches.

Roman got some teethers and toys.

Roman got some teethers and toys.

a cute 3 month outfit. :)

a cute 3 month outfit. 🙂

Another bump shot. 36 weeks.

Another bump shot. 36 weeks.

a RAR (his initials) sleeper... get it... it's a dinosaur... RAWR.... heh. heh.

a RAR (his initials) sleeper… get it… it’s a dinosaur… RAWR…. heh. heh.

2nd RAR sleeper.

2nd RAR sleeper.


My age: 26

How far along: 36 weeks, 1 day

How big is baby: around 6.5 pounds!

What have you been up to: coughing, sleeping, packing hospital bags

Exercise/Activity Level: a slight gain in energy post sickness

Stretch marks: Nope.

Belly Button: out

Sleep: after one night of benadryl and sleeping like a baby, I’m sleeping pretty regular now.

Newest baby milestones this week: he’s getting fat. 😉

Best Moment of the Week: catching up on sleep!

Worst Moment of the Week: Oh lord… read above.

Food cravings: apple juice. I’ve had so much of it.

Food aversions: not too many.

Symptoms: carpal tunnel syndrome, vomiting (about 3-4 times in the past two weeks), headaches, back pain, braxton hicks, frequent urination. He’s head down and boy has the pressure picked up down there. I am constantly in the bathroom and when I walk, sometimes I have to stop because it feels like he’s going to fall out. Did I mention that very few people think I will make it to my due date?

Movement: tons. He’s picked up with his stretching. All day long his feet are jutting out.

Gender: Boy

What I’m looking forward to:  Sleeping on my belly, eating Jimmy Johns… and being at home with my boys.

What I’m nervous about/praying for: That all goes well.

Next appointment: Next Wednesday!







34 Weeks!!!


What is insane is that my due date is six weeks away! How crazy is that? It’s so hard to believe that in THREE weeks I will be considered full term and he could come at any time. I’m sure he will be a late one since first time moms typically deliver later and have longer labors… And because I’m so punctual and such a planner. But if he’s late, wonderful. There are so many babies being born early around me that I thank God for each day that Roman stays inside my womb. Some of these babies have made it, some have struggles, and others are no longer with us. It’s heartbreaking and like any mom, I want the best for my son. With that said, there really isn’t that much time left. It’s almost January 1 and Roman is due on February 10. My job has mentioned that they are planning a shower, my coworkers have planned an work social for 3 1/2 weeks away, the Super Bowl is coming up, and my OB appointments are going to be moving to weekly visits soon – so many events to speed up the time. Oh and we have a childbirth/lamaze class this Saturday!



Despite how quickly things are moving, this past week was the longest week of my pregnancy and it is once again attributable to the pains of the house we are renting. Christmas Eve morning I awoke to read my email on my phone as I always do and saw that my husband, who was sound asleep next to me, had CC’d me on an email to our landlord/property manager/realtor (I don’t know WTF he is) that informed him our thermostat was broken after the batteries inside had corroded and our heat was no longer working. -.- Seriously?! I just wanted to roll over and pretend like there wasn’t another damn thing wrong with our house. We received a response promptly at 8 am referring us to one of his handymen who we called at 9 am and left a message. We continued to call but received no response. That night we bought firewood and a space heater so that we could keep our downstairs warm enough for Craig, our bearded dragon, as his heating pads were not producing sufficient heat. To sum this story up, we were freezing on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day/night. The handyman didn’t return our call until my husband returned to work on Thursday.  Fortunately the heat was back on and the house was roasting by the time I got home from work that night.

I have some new symptoms this week. Numbness, tingling, and mild pain in my arms. The numbness and tingling happens in the morning when I’m in bed – even when I haven’t been sleeping on my arms. I make it a point to keep them free from my body weight but it still comes regardless.

Also, I have slight swelling in my hands. It’s not too noticeable but as you can see from the pic below, my wedding ring is too tight. It used to be that my fingers would swell at night but now it comes and goes throughout the day. I keep a necklace with me so that I can wear my ring around my neck in the event that it becomes too tight.


Other than the new symptoms, I’ve been dealing with my and Roman’s weight. At the end of the day my legs and feet are killing me. I can start my day of with a normal, pre-pregnancy stride but by mid-day I’m waddling like penguin. And when I lay down at night, I cannot get comfortable. I always sleep on my left side (though I find myself on the right side when I wake up in the middle of the night) with a pillow between my legs and something supporting my stomach but I cannot get any support for my back, even with I sleep on the couch. As much as I look forward to laying down every night, a part of me dreads it because I know that no matter what I do, I will toss and turn all night and wake up at least 3-4 times to get comfortable and/or use the bathroom.

I’ve begun looking for a pediatrician. 😉 This isn’t fun at all. In fact it’s overwhelming. I have advice coming in left and right. I just need to sit back and focus on what’s important for us instead of what is important for other people. We have one appointment scheduled for 1/14 with a small practice of three pediatricians. It’s close to home and work and on the way to base. The receptionist was very friendly and the doctor we are meeting with is affiliated with my hospital so those are good signs. I also like what I’ve read about her and what was posted on their website. A second practice I called was kind of rude and never called back to give me an appointment date. They didn’t seem to concerned to have our business so I think I’m going to scratch them off the list despite evening hours and being in our neighborhood.


My age: 26

How far along: 34 weeks, 2 days

How big is baby: 5+ pounds, 20 inches or so

What have you been up to: enjoying my days off thanks to Christmas and New Years. 🙂

Exercise/Activity Level: plateauing again.

Stretch marks: Nope.

Belly Button: Still in the in between stage sometimes

Sleep: *grumble*

Newest baby milestones this week: Apparently Roman is peeing a pint a day… that he then consumes. Gross.

Best Moment of the Week: Coming home to a 76 degree home.

Worst Moment of the Week: Waking up to no heat and falling asleep without heat.

Food cravings: a chocolate milkshake and gatorade.

Food aversions: none

Symptoms: see above

Movement: No change, though last night he stretched and turned at the same time and boy, did it leave me breathless.

Gender: Boy

What I’m looking forward to:  Spending January 1st with my husband. 🙂

What I’m nervous about/praying for: That everything is perfectly well with Roman when he is born. Seeing all these babies being born with complications really scares me.

Next appointment: Today! Look for an update later. Now, one last photo…

from my fortune cookie. :)

from my fortune cookie. 🙂

33 weeks

If you missed my mid-week post regarding my 32-week check up, click here (link opens in a new tab/window). 


Why not start off with some bump shots? We had our holiday potluck at lunch on Thursday. The day before some of my coworkers and I had decided that we would be tacky and festive. So Wednesday night, before making my Andes Mint brownies, I whipped up this shirt that I saw on Pinterest.



Oh, the husband takes great candid shots, right? 😉


My husband surprised me with some Nike 5.0 running shoes that I had been wanting, so naturally I have been showing them off in various pictures. I’ve never been big on sneakers because they typically look bulky but lately I am growing tired of wearing flats and boots – I want shoes that are comfortable and good for my legs and back. When I saw these at Foot Locker a few weeks ago, I knew I had to have them. Look at them, the soles aren’t chunky like most sneakers. I might replace the laces with black ones though so I can wear them with more things.


I gave this order to my husband when he stopped by work on Friday. I laughed when I put tomatoes in parentheses because I wasn’t sure if he, not a fan of tomatoes, knew what pico de gallo was. 🙂


So I thought root beer and slurpees were my cravings… well, I guess they were… but the order on the napkin above has been placed at Chipotle and Qdoba about 5-6 times in the past month and honestly, right now I am thinking about having it again. Chipotle has become a post-OB ritual, as there is one 2 minutes from the office and my appointments conveniently end around lunchtime. 🙂 And that second photo? The reason I go to CiCi’s Pizza. Olé pizza! I need spicy Mexican food in my life always!

We finally had our carpets cleaned after the most annoying ordeal with the cleaners. Our appointment was scheduled for Monday at 3 pm. On Saturday evening we received an e-mail stating that they had to change the time to 1 pm. It was a little annoying but my husband planned to be there regardless. Monday morning came and I was battling a sinus infection/head cold of sorts, so I stayed home. Around 11, I ventured out to grab some lunch and when I arrived home around 12:30, there was a business card with the time of 11:45 written on it and a note saying they had stopped by but couldn’t confirm out appointment and finally, to call on Tuesday as the office was closed on Monday. GRRRRRR. I was so heated. My husband called on Tuesday and had the appointment rescheduled for Friday. They apologized and gave us a free sanitation on all of our carpet. Now Roman has a clean, sanitized nursery:




Ignore the patches on the wall. We will not be renewing our lease when it is up so we don’t see the point in spending the time or energy to paint.

We picked up the white book case and fabric drawers at Target. Right now, until we get a dresser, they are housing all of the pants, plain onesies, towels, washcloths, socks, mittens, and caps that we have acquired for roman over the past few months. We’ve decided to get him a dresser to house his clothes and diapers (I have to get them out of his crib and refuse to allow them to be piled under the crib) but we are on the fence when it comes to a changing pad for the top of it. The reason being is that his pack-n-play has a changer on it and I can always use the floor. I might purchase one when he gets a little older but I don’t see myself using it the first few weeks/months. On a side note, guess what still isn’t finished? You guessed it, the curtains!


I’ve started putting together Roman’s diaper bag for the hospital but I am sure it will change a few times before then.

$2.68 for these three size 12 mo. onesies at Target!

$2.68 for these three size 12 mo. onesies at Target!

The red sweats on the left were $2.50 and the two on the right were about $5!

The red sweats on the left were $2.50 and the two on the right were about $5!

So I know Target’s been getting some serious flack for the credit card hackings but I’m still shopping there. I spent less than $10 on the three pairs of pants and 3 onesies thanks to clearance and a 10% discount! I don’t think I have spent more than $5-10 on a single article of clothing for this boy. I wish I could say the same for myself!


My age: 26

How far along: 33 weeks

How big is baby: 4-5 pounds by the end of the week & about 19-20 inches!

What have you been up to: nursing myself back to health – I’ve had head colds, coughs, earaches… I’m also mentally prepping for Christmas dinner (our beloved Ruby Tuesday has decided to close this year so I guess we have to make something at home) and the NYE party we are throwing.

Exercise/Activity Level: a little higher than last week.

Stretch marks: Nope.

Belly Button: It’s popping out a bit more.

Sleep: Edwin asked me today, “How many times did you wake up to pee? 3? 4?”

Newest baby milestones this week: Roman’s finger nails have reached the tips of his fingers, just in time to scratch up his cute little face 😉

Best Moment of the Week: The weekend! Oh my, it was lovely. 75 degrees on the first day of winter and 78 and breezy on Sunday. We sat in the house with the doors open letting the house air out and the breeze come in. It was perfect.

Worst Moment of the Week: Some of you are probably heard this, and it’s completely unrelated to my pregnancy, but Thursday was probably the worst day I have had at work. I work in a library where we have a self-check out system. When any of us are assigned to watch the self check out station, our basic responsibility is to watch the monitors for any errors that might occur when customers check out, such as an item failing to check out (which often happens when customers stack 15 items on the check out pad). I typically chat with my coworkers in between customers and then divert my attention the check out station when people come up. On Thursday morning, an elderly white man came to check out two DVDs and renew two others. He has a habit of talking a lot and I didn’t want to get wrapped in his conversation so when I saw that his check out was complete and I had found an exit from the conversation, I took it and ventured back over to one of my managers. Meanwhile one of our regulars, a black woman, had been in the DVD section browsing and was unaware of my interaction with this gentleman. When she came to check out, I stopped talking to my manager and walked back over to my spot in case she had a question or an issue. She chuckled as she finished and left. I thought that her laugh was directed at my Christmas tree shirt from above but when I was walking back from the copier about 3 minutes later, she had returned to confront me. I thought something might have happened after she left and needed to tell someone so I listened eagerly. Instead, I was accused of racism. I was completely thrown off guard. She said, “I saw that you weren’t watching that elderly white man checkout his items but as soon as I came up, you stopped talking to her and turned to watch me.” I replied, “I did watch him.” She interrupted me and said, “No, you didn’t.” There was no point in arguing so I let her continue. “I just think it’s ridiculous that you watched me to make sure I am not stealing because I am black.” I was floored. I totally understand where this comes from but it is sad that we live in such a society that when a person is accused of racism because of her skin color. This woman didn’t understand the situation. She hadn’t been paying attention to what I was doing before she stepped up to the self check-out. She didn’t know that I had already “watched”  that man (or his transaction, rather, as I don’t make a habit of watching customers and what they do) and had a conversation with him. She didn’t know that he continued to stand at the self check-out not to check out items but to have a conversation with a different employee. She doesn’t know anything about who I am, who my family is, or what I believe or feel. Instead, she assumed that because I am white and gave her my attention during her transaction, that I am racist. My face was flushed with anger and embarrassment. I apologized to her not because I had done anything wrong, but because I am professional and I am truly sorry that she had those thoughts and feelings. I felt a tad better later when my other coworkers informed me that this isn’t the first time she’s done this, but I was still hurt. I didn’t worry about others perceiving me as racist because those that I work with and those that I love know who I am. I was upset because I couldn’t defend myself. There was nothing I could say that would make this woman see me any differently. Some coworkers and family said, “you should have shown her a picture of your husband or asked if she’d met him” but that wouldn’t solve anything and it doesn’t prove anything. I won’t use my husband as a tool to show this lady that she was wrong.

Food cravings: haha… see above.

Food aversions: none

Symptoms: I had some heartburn earlier in the week and the Braxton Hicks have been back. I’m starting to have pressure and fullness in my stomach and bladder. My leg cramps were so terrible at the start of the week that I was limping in pain for two days.

Movement: He’s figured out how to lodge his feet in my ribs. I’m thrilled. Not.

Gender: Boy

What I’m looking forward to:  I have Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday off!

What I’m nervous about/praying for: Finding a pediatrician for Roman. I’m a bit behind and plan to make a list this week and make calls on Friday.

Next appointment: New Year’s Eve at 12. It’s going to suck because 1) it’s at 12 and was the only appointment they had available. I’ll be starving and waiting forever and 2) I am asking for my Tdap shot. 😦

32 week check up

I’m visiting the OB every 2 weeks for the next month and today was my 32 week (or 31w/5d according to them) appointment. A lot was discussed so I wanted to make a separate entry for this visit.

First, I am super freaking excited because I only gained one pound in the past 2 weeks! This is a big deal for me because I had Chipotle several times and indulged in a couple of brownies. I felt like I fell off the bandwagon nutritionally. This brings my net gain to 7lb over the pre pregnancy weight or 17lbs total. Roman, according to the OB is about 4lbs. When I subtract his weight, the placenta, and the amniotic fluid, I’m really just where I started. I know it seems like I obsess over my weight but I have tried really hard to gain a healthy amount and it’s working. I kicked my ass prior to the pregnancy to lose those 50 lbs so the last thing I want to do is have to lose it again! I want Roman to have a healthy mom. His daddy is already fit and it’s important to us that he values fitness and health. 

Second, the vitals are great. My blood pressure was great: 103/68. Roman’s heart rate was lower this time, but still great: 139. 

My actual time with the OB was beneficial. I asked her about who would deliver in the event that it isn’t her and as it turns out, each of the OBs in the practice take turns being on call so it will be one of them. I don’t feel uncomfortable with it being someone I don’t really know, though, because I look at my body scientifically, if that makes sense? I don’t really form personal relationships with my doctors as strange as that may sound. Anyway, I then asked her if vaginal delivery would be possible because my mother was told that she couldn’t deliver vaginally way back in the day. She doesn’t see why not at this point, though she said if there are any complications (breech, placenta previa, etc), a c-section would be required. This was relief to my ears because I do not want a c-section and I hadn’t thought to ask before if the practice had a habit of performing c-sections. My final question for her was regarding Roman’s circumcision. I wanted to know if my husband or myself could be in there (I don’t really want to be, not because I don’t care but because my heart would break) but we cannot. She said the procedure is quick and will be done 1-2 days following delivery. 

Finally, I found out that I get to see my little man one more time before he’s born (if he doesn’t come early!). They do a last ultrasound at 38 weeks to determine his size and position! I was so excited to hear that because I can’t get enough of seeing him. 

Some photos.




We are having our carpet cleaned so I was making space in Roman’s nursery. I snapped a few pics while I was at it.


His closet is slowly filling up. I’d like to make the month/size dividers.



My cozy little rocking chair put together by my husband and currently filled with tons of Roman’s clothes. Beside it is the storage ottoman I picked up at Target.


Everything is temporarily being stored in his crib.

32 weeks

32 weeks!

32 weeks!


So, uh. 8 weeks. That’s all I have left. I’m not freaking out, nope not me. So let’s say he comes early… That’s greatly reduces the amount of time I have left to prepare. To think that I could meet my little man in 6 weeks or so is unreal!

This week has seemed longer than most. Thanksgiving left me with extra time off so being back for a regular week at work wasn’t fun. And now I have some sort of sinus infection that’s leaving me feeling icky. I’ve been a bit emotional this week, too. I had a small emotional breakdown on Monday night that left me feeling funky for a few days. It was definitely related to sleepiness.

Another thing making time slow down is that my uterus has officially reached my ribcage. Some days I’m okay but on the days that Roman is sitting higher or I’m feeling bloated OR when I’m having BH, I can’t freaking breathe. On the bright side, my uterus can’t grow up anymore but on the downside, it has to grow out which has resulted in lots of comments from strangers and plenty of unsolicited advice. Woo. -_- A lot of people have been really nice, though. A pregnant customer was shocked that I was so far along because she didn’t think I looked that big for 32 weeks. 🙂 I had to thank her, but as my husband pointed out, she didn’t see me prior. It seems that in the past week or two my stomach has really blossomed.

My husband and I tried to go see the new Hobbit film on Friday. He succeeded in viewing it but after 30 minutes of previews and one hour, ten minutes of film time, I had to get out of there. Roman would sit on my bladder and then he’d move and then he’d be back to my bladder. My back was hurting from being in the same position for too long. Oh man, I was miserable! I guess I won’t be seeing too many films in the theater until well after Roman is born.

IMG_0937IMG_0928 IMG_0930





My age: 26

How far along: 32 weeks

How big is baby: roughly 4 pounds.

What have you been up to: Still putting in 40 hours a week and slowly working on Roman’s nursery. I plan to finish the curtains by Tuesday.

Exercise/Activity Level: still pretty low.

Stretch marks: Nope.

Belly Button: I’m about 50-75% of the way there. Somedays it’s out, others it’s in.

Sleep: I can sleep but I am still waking up to pee.

Newest baby milestones this week: REM is beginning 🙂

Best Moment of the Week: Coming home to the rocking chair put together by my amazing husband.

Worst Moment of the Week: Going back to work on Monday because Thanksgiving had given me so many days off last week.

Food cravings: none

Food aversions: none

Symptoms: The leg cramps have continued and I kid you not, I had a dream about grabbing a banana to eat and suddenly awoke with a cramp. I guess I should pick up some bananas. LOL! I’m peeing all the freaking time because I’m drinking so much water to ward off the Braxton Hicks which I am still getting. I’ve also been pretty miserable. There are moments where I just want to cry from frustration because my stomach is so big that it’s uncomfortable to move and my back and neck are starting to hurt, too. I can’t really bend down much, either.

Movement: This little boy… my my. He’s been doing bicycle kicks nearly every night. Edwin finally felt it and finds it to be hilarious. He’ll rest his hand on the top of my stomach and Roman will start kicking like crazy. It feels like my stomach is shaking up and down. And then the boy stretches all the time. I’m convinced he is sideways or has more than four limbs.

Gender: Boy

What I’m looking forward to:  Having Tuesday and the weekend off!

What I’m nervous about/praying for: Still the changes with pregnancy.

Next appointment: Tuesday. I’m nervous because I fell off the bandwagon a bit this week with food (Chipotle and soda) but I won’t beat myself up about it. I do plan to ask my OB some questions though, which reminds me I need to make a list. First, I want to know if she can give an estimate on what she thinks he weighs. It’s pure speculation at this point since I won’t be having anymore ultrasounds but the fact that I keep measuring further along/bigger has me curious. We also need to discuss the labor and delivery as we haven’t talked about it and I’d like to know who from the office would be covering for her in the event that she is away on vacation, etc. There are so many things going through my head that I keep forgetting at each visit.


31 weeks


It was a long week.

Tuesday was my OB appointment. I asked about the Braxton Hicks because I had them all day Monday. She said “drink more water.” So I’ve been drinking about 3-4 22oz water bottles full of water each day and they are still there. And I’m peeing about 72 times a day. In terms of vitals, the BP was back down to 99/64 and my weight gain was an additional 4 lbs so I’m now a total of 6 lbs over my pre-pregnancy weight. My calcium levels were good and Roman’s heart rate was 150. She confirmed that he was head down and that I am still measuring further along than I am. As I’ve mentioned before, they are using the date of my LMP for determining my due date instead of the date from the ultrasound. Using their calculations placed me at 29 weeks (the ultrasound date had me at 30 weeks) as of Tuesday’s appointment but I was measuring at 31 weeks. Her response, “that’s great!” My reaction? “Lord, how big is that boy?!”

Wednesday was my dentist appointment – I had two fillings. Not as painful as I had imagined it would be.

Edwin and I were supposed to attend a breast feeding course on Thursday. I didn’t plan it too well because it was in a popular part of the area at 6:30. Traffic was terrible and on the way I had a nervous breakdown while driving that was the result of the traffic and having spent the two hours before leaving work in a “debriefing” session at work that was emotionally draining. I couldn’t stop crying. Though I made it on time, he was a tad late and by the time he arrived, my eyes were bloodshot, my cheeks tear stained, and I hadn’t eaten since 1. I made the decision to skip the class. I was disappointed that I had to miss it but we’ve found another class to attend instead.

The weekend has been very nice & relaxing – a much needed escape from the everyday life. In addition to lunch and dinner dates and a movie, my husband and I managed to clean the entire house and begin putting Roman’s things together. I even decorated parts of the nursery. I ordered the rocking chair today and it will come sometime before 12/19 so other than a changing table or dresser, we pretty much have everything for the nursery. I will probably buy a bookcase, though, for toys and books. I do need to finish the curtains and get them hung and we were planning to paint the nursery with a fresh coat of paint because there are some places where the wall was patched but neither of us really have the energy to do it right now so I think we are going to skip that. Besides, we really aren’t trying to impress anyone and Roman isn’t going to know that his walls weren’t painted. I’m already a terrible mother, huh? 😉 We also put the carseat in the truck… and it’s kind of a problem. It fits, but the front seat has to be pushed ALL THE WAY up which leaves me in an uncomfortable position. So I have a feeling if we need to go somewhere as a family, I’ll be 1) sucking it up, 2) sitting in the back, or 3) driving while Edwin follows on his bike.

The homemade banner and artwork

The homemade banner and artwork

I put his ultrasound pictures in each frame. :)

I put his ultrasound pictures in each frame. 🙂


This is in our room and will be Roman's bed for the first few weeks. The napper on the right flips into a changing station.

This is in our room and will be Roman’s bed for the first few weeks. The napper on the right flips into a changing station.

I can no longer see my belly!

I can no longer see my feet!


My age: 26

How far along: 31 weeks

How big is baby: 3 1/3 pounds, 18 inches long

What have you been up to: going to the bathroom every 2-3 hours every. single. night. please. kill. me.

Exercise/Activity Level: I’m below the charts. Seriously. The interrupted sleep and the fact that I feel like I’m carrying a bowling ball around at all times leaves me with no energy.

Stretch marks: Nope.

Belly Button: It’s starting to pop out a bit.

Sleep: I wish.

Newest baby milestones this week: He can turn his head side to side

Best Moment of the Week: getting the crib and pack n play put together.

Worst Moment of the Week: Thursday’s meltdown.

Food cravings: back to root beer

Food aversions: none

Symptoms: leg cramps (now in the right leg), inability to sleep through the night, constantly full bladder, constant thirst, lower back pain, waddling, braxton hicks

Movement: This little boy… my my. He’s been doing bicycle kicks nearly every night. Edwin finally felt it and finds it to be hilarious. He’ll rest his hand on the top of my stomach and Roman will start kicking like crazy. It feels like my stomach is shaking up and down. And then the boy stretches all the time. I’m convinced he is sideways or has more than four limbs.

Gender: Boy

What I’m looking forward to:  not too much this week.

What I’m nervous about/praying for: The changes that come with parenthood… the lack of dates… the inconvenience of going places.

What I miss: Sleeping in.

Next appointment: a week from Tuesday.