21 Weeks.

I’m posting a day early but what’s a day?

So I saw an infant – like fresh out of the womb/what are you doing out in public with that tiny being – in Kohl’s earlier and it hit me. I looked into those fresh, glazed over eyes and lost my breath for a second. It was a glimpse of 4 1/2 months from now. A moment of panic and a moment of elation mixed together. Can I really do this? Is this really happening? Yes. Yes, it is. And I’ll be okay.

It was an incredibly long week. I had Tuesday off but it just wasn’t enough and by Thursday I was sick with congestion and digestion issues (oh, how fun pregnancy can be!). I left work early that day which meant I had to make up the hours on my day off yesterday. I was feeling much better and even told my mother-in-law so last night but as soon as we hung up, my head was over the toilet and spent the night in bed with gatorade. All I could think was “Seriously? Where did this come from? I haven’t thrown up in weeks!” Today has been much better but I haven’t had much of an appetite. But that’s pregnancy. No two days are alike. Sheesh, no two moments in my pregnancy are alike. Everything changes so quickly.

My latest DIY nursery project has been the mobile. It’s incredibly easy but a bit time consuming. I am loving the outcome, so far. I think I will add several more strands but with multiple colors on each strand to mix it up. I also plan to wrap navy yarn around the wooden hoop for extra color and to secure the clear cord to the hoop.


And now, for the survey:

How far along: 21 weeks

Bump watch: 


I’m definitely rounding out there.


Total weight gain: Won’t weigh in until next appointment on 10/18.

Maternity clothes: I just bought two tops today. I have popped in the past week and though I want to be excited about it, it is frustrating to find clothes that fit my body type. I shopped Old Navy for oversized shirts with no luck and went to Kohl’s and two Targets before I found anything. I find most maternity tops to be ugly and what I did like seemed to only come in XS, S, and XXL when I needed a M/L.

Stretch marks: No new ones.

Sleep: It’s been okay this past week.

Best moment of this week: Scoring that AWESOME baby blanket for only $10 at BabiesRUs. I don’t even care if the baby ends up a girl. She will have a blue blanket and that’s that.


Miss anything: My husband! He will be home on Friday night!

Movement: Yep, still at night and almost every time I roll over on my belly.

Food cravings: None this week.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope!

Have you started to show yet: Scroll back up and take a look!

Gender: We have our suspicions. Will know for sure on Friday!

Labor signs: No.

Belly button in or out: Still in.

Wedding rings on or off: Still on.

Happy or moody most of the time: Yesterday and today I have been frustrated. Little things are bothering me, like driving to seven different stores for ONE item, or seeing the extra weight. It’s all apart of the pregnancy, I know, but I’m having difficulties coming to terms.

Looking forward to: husband being home, finding out the gender for sure, and having Saturday off.