32 week check up

I’m visiting the OB every 2 weeks for the next month and today was my 32 week (or 31w/5d according to them) appointment. A lot was discussed so I wanted to make a separate entry for this visit.

First, I am super freaking excited because I only gained one pound in the past 2 weeks! This is a big deal for me because I had Chipotle several times and indulged in a couple of brownies. I felt like I fell off the bandwagon nutritionally. This brings my net gain to 7lb over the pre pregnancy weight or 17lbs total. Roman, according to the OB is about 4lbs. When I subtract his weight, the placenta, and the amniotic fluid, I’m really just where I started. I know it seems like I obsess over my weight but I have tried really hard to gain a healthy amount and it’s working. I kicked my ass prior to the pregnancy to lose those 50 lbs so the last thing I want to do is have to lose it again! I want Roman to have a healthy mom. His daddy is already fit and it’s important to us that he values fitness and health. 

Second, the vitals are great. My blood pressure was great: 103/68. Roman’s heart rate was lower this time, but still great: 139. 

My actual time with the OB was beneficial. I asked her about who would deliver in the event that it isn’t her and as it turns out, each of the OBs in the practice take turns being on call so it will be one of them. I don’t feel uncomfortable with it being someone I don’t really know, though, because I look at my body scientifically, if that makes sense? I don’t really form personal relationships with my doctors as strange as that may sound. Anyway, I then asked her if vaginal delivery would be possible because my mother was told that she couldn’t deliver vaginally way back in the day. She doesn’t see why not at this point, though she said if there are any complications (breech, placenta previa, etc), a c-section would be required. This was relief to my ears because I do not want a c-section and I hadn’t thought to ask before if the practice had a habit of performing c-sections. My final question for her was regarding Roman’s circumcision. I wanted to know if my husband or myself could be in there (I don’t really want to be, not because I don’t care but because my heart would break) but we cannot. She said the procedure is quick and will be done 1-2 days following delivery. 

Finally, I found out that I get to see my little man one more time before he’s born (if he doesn’t come early!). They do a last ultrasound at 38 weeks to determine his size and position! I was so excited to hear that because I can’t get enough of seeing him.