Nursery inspiration

Now that I’m at the halfway point, I’m eager to get the nursery underway. I wanted a gender-neutral theme, as overly “girl/boy” nurseries aren’t really my thing. Navy blue is my favorite color and my husband is in the Navy so I decided that a nautical theme would be perfect regardless if we have a girl or boy (though I have noticed it’s a popular choice with boy nurseries).

The overall look is this:


I am planning stick with natural wood or maple and then accessorizing with navy, red, white, and tan. Instead of the bookcase pictured, I may go with a kid-friendly bookcase that will be safer for toddlers. Also, most of the decor will be DIY and pieced together in an attempt to save money. Instead of spending $50 on a mobile that isn’t exactly what I want, I am going to make a paper circle mobile (see tutorial here) for over the changing station and hang red/white/blue paper lanterns over the crib. I’m coming up with more and more ideas as the days pass so I’m extremely excited to see how it will all come together!

Most of the nursery won’t be finished until after my baby shower in early November because I have no idea what I will end up getting at the shower… and we still need to paint the room. I have started on some of the decor, though.


These are 5×7 and will likely be framed and either placed on walls or shelves.


My lettering is a little off but this is my favorite thing I’ve made. 🙂 I combined some ideas from pinterest and threw it all together in 2 days.


I got this at a flea market for $6! Some of the decals are faded/removed so I think I am going to get some sand paper and give it a distressed look rather than trying to repaint them.