The glucose test

I don’t have the results back, yet but here is a summary of the visit just in case any of you are interested.

I was required to fast for two hours prior to this initial one-hour screening. Of course I wake up exactly two hours before the test and the hunger is already present in my stomach and moving it’s way up to my throat. R is kicking, too, which in the morning means HEY CRAZY WOMAN, FEED ME!

I was called back to the lab fairly quickly where my blood pressure was taken (101/58 – finally reading normal!) and my iron levels were checked (they are excellent!). The nurse asked if I wanted fruit punch or orange. Fruit punch, please. I was hoping they would have cola. I had 5 minutes to get it down but it only took 2. The solution wasn’t thick like I expected. It tasted like a warmer sugary Hawaiian Punch drink. The first couple of gulps weren’t so bad but it did become more difficult to stomach as I neared the last sips/drops.

The 1 hour wait wasn’t too terrible, either but R continued to kick and a slight hunger induced headache developed. The technician asked me if I’m taking vitamin D supplements and I said I haven’t been because I increased my milk and cheese intake since my lactose intolerance hasn’t been an issue lately. She seemed irritated and asked if I had been told to take them by the doctor. I said no, the pharmacist recommended them but my OB hasn’t. She just wants to check my calcium levels eventually. Other than that, the visit was quick and relatively painless. I get the results in a few days so let’s hope I passed!